Ode to the Goddess



If I knew you really loved me
My world would turn on end
Nobody's ever known me
The way you seem to do
Stare through my baleful gaze
And see the emptiness inside
Are you here to fill it,
Or simply to point at the hole
Until I notice?
Iconoclast, Siren, Temptress, Muse
Is there anything
You might not be to me?
You are a Familiar
But I don't know from where?
Or why?
Are you here to make me whole again
(If I ever was anyway...)
Fill in the missing colors
In my paint-by-number dreams
Or scatter the pieces
To the wind?
Maybe I lost track of me?
Of where to go?
Of what I need?
Skating through minefields
Figurative and literal
You make me think
You make me feel
You make me want to create
You could be everything to me          
You make me feel like                                    
Ever made me feel before, not like this...
I can only be                                                    
Ever Hopeful
As if I knew
You really loved me
And that makes my heart feel
So big in my chest
That sometimes I'm afraid
It might explode
Sometimes you make me think
You don't realize the powers you possess
Sometimes you make it obvious
You do
What part of fate are you?
Karmic Reward?
Karmic Punishment?
You force me to admit
Any clue I thought I had
Unreasonable facsimile?
But there is a bit of Freedom
In having to admit
You have no clue...
Or is that a/the clue?
I'm yours to do with
As you will
I can be as rigid as I'm resilient
I can be as fragile as I'm strong
All I can do
Is Love you Madly
But in any case,
There's no dichotomy
Between Madly
And Real
But YOU know that
As if you really loved me...